Problems on carbon steel conveyor’s painting

- Aug 16, 2019-

There exist some equipment with poor painting technology.Let’s take some examples as following :

  1.  Sand blasting is not well done.


2. Wrapping plastic film on equipment when the painting is not dry.


3. There exist some welding slags or air bubbles on the equipment.


So how to make a good painting work on carbon steel conveyors ?

First,mill scale, rust, primer, paint or other foreign material shall be removed to such an extent that the

cleaned surface is equal in appearance to the standard ISO 5801-1(GB/T8923.1), Sa 2 ½ as a


Second, preparation grades of welds, edges and other areas with surface imperfections shall comply with

ISO 5801.3(GB/T8923.3) Grade P2 ;

Third,,blasting materials shall be selected to reach the blast profile to the required surfaces preparation


Fourth, all abrasives/blasting material shall be supplied dry and free of residues and totally free of salt


Fifth ,If blasting material will be recycled/reused, it shall be assured that it is free of any contamination

At last,the coating materials shall be only applied to surfaces that are dry, clean and free of any oil grease .Intervals between coats shall comply with manufacturer’s recommendations. In case of

contamination between the layers, the contractor shall be use an approved procedure from the

coating manufacturer for removing the coating