Process on cleaning the sundries inside the buried scraper conveyor

- Nov 22, 2018-

Buried scraper conveyor is a high efficiency conveying equipment. If so,the cleaning work need be done after the equipment stopped working.Otherwise,there will accumulate large materials inside the trough so as to cause overloading.Worse still,it will damage the motor,which is something that we all would not like to see.

The cleaning process on buried scraper conveyor is as same as screw conveyors’. The main cleaning ways are water cleaning or by air blowing. Filling in water refers to fill up with much water to sweep the remained materials away. Using air blowing means to use pump or air fan to fill air inside.

It is necessary to dismantle fixed screw bolt,remove the cover,then clean on buried scraper conveyor. Such buried scraper conveyor is good for cleaning by air pump directly.It is the important step for equipment’s maintainance .If do not clean in time,materials will remain inside the trough,then start up the conveyor,it will damage the scrapers and motors.

Besides,it is important to clean the materials that are stuck on the scraper and shaft.Actually the cleaning work is useful for using life on equipment.Without cleaning service,the equipment will get some problems.Worse still,it will cause a lot of loss to the production plant.