Reference for adjusting the feeding inlet of snake shape chain bucket elevator

- Feb 14, 2019-

 As same as other common bucket elevator,the shape and position of inlet about snake shape chain bucket elevator has been designed and applied sucessfully in life. However,there exist some reasons---materials type or revising engineering,we need adjust the inlets shape as per needs.Thus,we can improve the transporting capacity ability.

 To ensure all materials will be spread evenly in the width direction of inelt,which is the most important factors. In this way,it can prevent materials from feeding inhomogeneously,and avoid buckets,chains,shells or chain sprocketswear out or deviation of chain plate on elevators.

 Meanwhile,keep a suitable chute at the inlet,then it can avoid any blocking materials.Chute is designed basis on the materialscharacterstics,chutes materials and structure.Usually the angle of chute is bigger 5°~10°than the required angle. Choose the minimum figure if materials are loosen bulk or little wet. Choose the maximum figure if materials are power,wet ,etc.

 In addition,to adjust the snake shape chain bucket elevators inlet must consider the loading way of bucket elevators so as to ensure discharging materials smoothly & prerequisite without increasing the resistance of the hoist