Regular maintenance notes on bearings of vertical bucket elevator

- Sep 30, 2019-

(1) Incorrectly installation of bearings. Almost 16% bearings are installed incorrectly and unaware of proper installation tools. Must install and dismantle in a correct way. Different installation may need mechanic,hydraulic or heating.

(2) Incorrectly lubrication on bearings.Though some bearings do not need any lubrication,those bearings which are not working, there still are 36% bearings are lubricated by incorrect technical data or ways.The  inevitable result is lacking of correct lubrication bearings will be invalid. Mostly bearings are the place which can not be reached, people are easy to foregt to make lubricate on bearings.

(3) Bearings’ pollution. Due to the bucket elevator’s bearing is very precise parts, if bearings’ lubricating oil and bearings are polluted ,the bearings can not work effectively. Moreover, due to the space of storing lubricating oil is very small, pollution is the mainly reasons ,at least 14% of all prematurely failed bearings are attributable to contamination problems.