Related issues on sealings for screw conveyors

- Oct 17, 2019-

As distinguished from appearance ,there exist u shape screw conveyor and tubular shape screw conveyor . Tubular screw conveyor has better sealing than u shape screw conveyor.

It is very common to use screw conveyor to transpor fine powders. Because screw conveyor can ensure the continous stable conveying ,also can meet the required conveying capacity . During conveying process, fine powder will not fly away or come out from conveyors.If transported mediums are fine powder ,we advise to use round tubular screw conveyor . If transproted mediums are granules, we can adopt u shape screw conveyor . If there exist some pressure during transporting ,custmer need tell us in advance .Engineer will design a special structure for the pressure conveyors.

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(1) U shape screw conveyor :

U shape screw conveyor’s sealing is worse than tubular screw conveyor .But it is more easy to clean the blocking materials inside the conveyor. It is more easy to observe,inspect ,maintain on u shape screw conveyor. There is a cover on the top of trough conveyor , use the screw bolt or quick open switch to fix the cover and trough. Between cover and trough, there exist a sealing gasket.

(2) Tubular screw conveyor : it is made up of one piece of round steel pipe,so its sealing is good.