Returning screw conveyor for transporting slaked lime dust

- Nov 21, 2019-

Transported materials : Ash produced after burning chicken manure and slaked lime dust

Bulk density : 800-1000kg/m3,temperature is 150 centi degree, no more than 200 centi degree.

Flow ability : good

Particle size : 20μm to 100μm, most particles are in 20μm to 50μm.

Construction material of silo/hopper : carbon steel -Q235

Thickness of hopper or silo : 10mm

Returing screw conveyor  diameter : 500mm,transporting length is 4500mm, transporting capacity is 60m3/hour.

Motor is frequency type.

Accuracy rate : 2% by adjusting the frequency motor

Bearing : can endure high temperature by 200 centi degree

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