Rotary Feeder’s basic definition and types

- Nov 14, 2018-

Rotary feeders also can be called rotary valves with airlock or without airlock.It is a deivce that works with rotation parts.For example,the rotation plate rotates so as to change the valve from open to be close.That is,this rotation valve passes a rotation component to allow or cut off materials’ flowing route.From its definition,rotary feeder is to make the valve from open to close by rotation plate which rotates to 90 degree.

As per different definition,we can divide rotary feeder valves into three types : butter fly valve,ball valve and  plunger valve.Among of them,butterfly valve is to control the flowing direction through baffle plate or blade which depends on the rotating shaft as center. Baffle plate or blade look like butterfly,so we called it by butterfly valve. Butterfly valve is used to cut off or adjust the flow rate,which is suitable for paddle or suspended solids.

For ball valves,its valve center is spheroid body with round holes.Such rotation valves are used to cut off or adjust the flow rates.Its feature is small pressure drop which is available for sticky with corrosion liquid,paddle low temperature materials as well as the high pressure and high temperature materials. For plunger valve,its valve center is cone with round hole in the middle or round cylindrical.Plunger valve usually is used to control on or off.