Routine maintenance management on screw feeder

- Oct 28, 2019-

During the actual working on screw feeders, we must pay attention to making the routine maintenance management ,so as to meet the requirements on sand driers . Then we can ensure the production capacity and effectiveness,to extend the use life on screw feeders.

First, add the lubricating oil regularly on bearings,sprockets ,chains and other driving components.

Second, repair welding on screw flights which are worn out seriouly when the screw feeder stops running.

Third,do not running with overloading.Otherwise,materials will not be discharged smoothly, causing screw shaft bend and screw body break.

Fourth,when the conveyed materials are high temperature, we must be careful for the screw body is free running ,any blocking. Solve the problems if any blocked issues.

Fifth, when screw feeder is running, must stop screw feeder correctly if any sharp noise,to open the screw feeder’s cover to see any abnormal problems inside the body.