Safety technical operation procedures on vertical bucket elevator

- Jul 04, 2019-

Safety always comes the first during production. Though we do not provide installation service,we can send technican to the site to guide installation.

Vertical bucket elevator is a mainly vertical conveying equipment for building fields,such as cement powder ,gyspum powder,etc. Its feature is large capacity and high conveying distance . Usually the conveying distance ranges from 20m to 40m.Vertical bucket elevato is low consumption,good sealing,easy to operate,long using lifetime,can save space .

When install the shell of vertical bucket elevator,there exist three ways :

First ,install the shell completely.This way is suitable for there are enough installation site .Lift the whole shell and install it on site. 


Second,prepare the necessary installation tools .

Third, prepare necessary technicians,such as technicians,welding craftsman,installation workers,fitter,etc.

Some tips on maintenance

l  Start up bucket elevator without any materials inside .

l  Do not run reversely

l  Feed materials evenly

l  Add and update the lubrication oil

l  Replace the chains and driving parts

Advice on choosing vertical bucket elevator

Ø  Give the materials’ name

Ø  Describe the materials’ feature ,such as granule diameter,bulk density,temperature,moisture,flowability

Ø  Capacity : Q= ?m3/h or t/h

Ø  Lift height