Scraper Conveyor Development Stage

- Oct 19, 2017-

The development of scraper conveyor in the production and construction of coal mine has undergone three stages. The first stage in the 30-40 years, is removable scraper conveyor, it can only straight line in the face, with the advance of the face, need to manually dismantle, move, assemble. Scraper chain is a plate, many for single chain, such as V-type, SGD-11 type, SGD-20 type, such as small power light scraper conveyor. The second stage is the early 40 from Germany to create a flexible scraper conveyor, it with the shearer, metal support to achieve mechanized mining. This kind of scraper conveyor cough to adapt to the floor uneven convex uneven and horizontal bending conditions, the relocation does not need to be demolished, and the amount of coal transported also increased, such as the model SGW-44 type scraper Conveyor is this stage of the representative products. Into the 60 's due to the emergence of hydraulic support, in order to meet the needs of comprehensive mining, scraper conveyor development to the third stage, the development of high-power armored cough bending heavy scraper conveyor, such as sgd-630/75 type, sgd-630/180 type is the product of this stage.

With the increasing production capacity of coal face, the main development trend of scraper conveyor is:

1. Large volume of traffic. Foreign advanced mining countries have developed to the hour transport capacity of up to 1500t (80 's) 3500t (90) scraper conveyor.

2. Long transportation distance. In order to reduce the loss of coal pillar in mining area and increase the length of working surface, the length of scraper conveyor has reached more than 335 meters.

3. High-power motor. The power of the motor has been developed to a single speed motor up to 525kW, two-speed motor 500/250kw.

4, Long life. Because of the use of large diameter ring chain, increased the strength of the scraper chain, extending the life of the scraper conveyor, the whole machine over the amount of coal over 6 million tons.