Screw conveyor advantages and structural features

- Mar 19, 2018-

The screw conveyor has a simple structure and low cost when used. Its equipment is very reliable in operation and simple in maintenance and management. The screw conveyor has a small cross-section size, a small footprint and a compact size at the port. It is easy to get in and out of hatches and carriages during unloading.

Screw conveyor advantages

1. The screw conveyor can effectively realize its sealed transportation during the running process, which is conducive to the transport of easily flying, hot and odorous materials to a certain extent, which can reduce the pollution to the environment and improve the port workers. Operating conditions.

2. The screw conveyor is easy to load and unload, and its equipment can be loaded and unloaded at any point on its transmission line. It can have excellent reclaiming performance for the vertical screw conveyor equipped with a relatively spiral type.

3. The screw conveyor can be reversed to a certain extent. To a certain extent, a conveyor can also transport material in two directions at the same time, ie, centered on or away from the center.

Structural features of the screw conveyor

Spiral conveyor screw blades can be effectively divided into three types: belt spiral surface, solid spiral surface and blade spiral surface. The helical pitch is the same as the diameter of the spiral blade, which is suitable for conveying powdery and small materials. The blade spiral surface is less used, and it is mainly used for conveying materials with high viscosity and compressibility. During the conveying process, the stirring and mixing processes are completed at the same time. The helical pitch is about 1.2 times the diameter of the spiral blade.