Screw conveyor loading and unloading of the way

- Jan 20, 2018-

Mentioned screw conveyor, we are more concerned about its loading and unloading, loading and unloading in different situations may be different ways. So, screw conveyor loading and unloading arrangements are what? What is the corresponding delivery request?


In the screw conveyor design, the more important is the material loading ratio and method, because in considering the capacity and power of the conveyor will generally be based on the percentage of the selected loading volume. Screw conveyor can choose a fixed charge, the material at a predetermined speed from the silo in the material output, the output of the amount of material and the height of the material has nothing to do.


Or for multi-point loading, such screw conveyors must be manually adjusted. When more than one feed opening needs to be opened, care must be taken to limit the flow to each feed opening so that the total amount does not exceed The design capacity of the conveyor is limited; when multiple inlets need to be open all the way to the conveyor, the total material flow must be controlled.


Another is from a fixed storage silo loading, in order to avoid overloading, this time need to be attached to the screw conveyor motor controller indicating the ampere load current; buffer loading is also often used in the screw conveyor, available at Baffles or buffer baffles are installed in the inlet chute to overcome the impact caused by the inertia of the chunk or pellet.


Finished loading and screw conveyor unloading, which is the standard discharge unloading a widely used layout, the use of standard discharge port to restrict the discharge of materials and direct the material into the subsequent equipment or storage device . There are unopened discharge port and bottom discharge; In addition, the screw conveyor can also be used to discharge the end of the spiral groove or the end of the open discharge.