Screw conveyor’s particularity

- Oct 14, 2020-

Screw conveyor is such a continuous conveying equipment. Screw conveyors’ continuous working principle,structure and conveyed materials’ direction can be different as per different working request . So there exist many types of screw conveyors . When making design of screw conveyor , we need make drawings according to conveyed materials’ particularity, capacity, conveying distance, incline angle ,speed,etc to confirm the production capacity and motor power .There exist two design categories. The first one is design constant which is made as per the confirmed or certained datas and objective rules. The second one is design variable which is made as per variable sizes and requirements. Let’s take the animal feed ingredients as an example . Here exist many kinds of feed ingredients. The feed ingredients’ features are subjected to  the categories, original places,moisture ,different furification methods and effects. Hence, we need start from the conveyors’ working principles,materials’ features before we choose technical datas. Try to make much tests before manufacturing ,then get some design datas, in this way ,we can get the qualified screw conveyors. Screw conveyors are used to reduce heavy physical labor, improve the production efficiency ,meanwhile ,it also can meet the requirements of mechanization and automation which is very meaningful .In the coming future ,the screw conveyor’s development direction and trends are:

(1) Big conveying capacity,high speed, long service life.

(2) Low consumption

(3) Intellectualization development

(4) The space can be bend and transport

(5) Combined compound transportation

(6) Friendly environment, little pollution ,green design