Screw conveyors brings so much convenience for grains’ conveying

- Jan 27, 2018-

Grain screw conveyor is designed and made for grains.It uses the screw flight’s rotating to push the materials moving along trough,so as to make it easy for transporting grains or rice in the husk to drier .

From the whole,you will find the grain screw conveyor is with simple structure,small sectional dimension,good sealing and flexible on adjusting the length.Grain screw conveyor can meet different conveying requirements on different occasion,In this way,we can improve the working efficiency and avoid any unnecessary waste.

Grain screw conveyor uses sprocket gearbox & motor ,connecting with screw chamber,assembling with screw shaft .Grain screw conveyor is as same as other screw conveyors. It is convenient to move or dismantle.

Grain screw conveyor’s chamber or casing is made of seamless pipe.Its ending part is specially connection which can ensure the sealing effect,no powder leakage.It is not only causing materials waste,but also create a good environment.

Grain screw conveyor’s inlet can be incline type as per site needs.And inlet can be connected by flange,canvas and universal joint.Users can choose the inlet connection as per needs.In a word,grain screw conveyor is really small size,high speed,variable screw pitch and can ensure the evenly conveying aims.