Shaftless screw conveyor is transported oil sludge in lamadian oilfield

- Aug 29, 2019-

The project locates Lamadian oilfield where it is with winds in Spring and very cold in Winter. The average temperature is 5 centi degree, the lowest temperature is below 19.6 centi degree. The wind speed is 4.2m/s,the moisture is 66%.

This shaftless screw conveyor is designed and made as per Chinese standard JB/T 7679-2008.

Performance on automatic feeding materials’ shaftless screw conveyor :

² Application : automatic feeding system

² Medium :oily sludge

² Percentage of oil : <30%;percentage of solids : <30%; percentage of water moisture : <40%

² Medium’s bulk density : 1.2-1.5g/cm3

² Conveying capacity : 10m3/hr

² Operation temperature:normal temperature

² Motor : explosive proof class : DIIBT4

² Gearbox : Nord brand

The regular datasheet of shaftless screw conveyor is as below :

Screw diamter




Conveying distance




Inside lining plate

Nylon materials

Nylon materials

Nylon materials