Shaftless screw conveyors for loading sticky sludge

- Nov 06, 2019-

Shaftless screw conveyor are made up of : U shape shell , cover ,shaftless flight, end plate ,bearings and motor &gearbox .Screw diameter ranges from 200mm to 360mm,length from 3349mm to 11500mm. The bottom liner is made of UHMVVPE (white),15mm thick. Capacity is ranging from 1.7m3/hr to 7m3/hr. Shaftless screw conveyor are used to transport sludge which is very sticky.

U shape shell : 图片1

Cover :        图片2

Shaftless flight : 图片3

End plate :  图片4

Bearings : 图片5                                图片6

Bearings are assembled on shaftless screw conveyors .

Motor &gearbox :图片7 usually are installed at the feeding point.