Simple introduction on bucket elevator and its application

- Oct 18, 2018-

As one of specialized equipments to be transported various bulk materials,bucket elevator is the advanced vertical conveying equipment in China. Vertical bucket elevators have many differenct types according to different requirements.Each type bucket elevator has its own structure ,so as to meet the relative working condition.

Currently there exist three types bucket elevators .The first one is plate link chain bucket elevator .Its plate link chain is strong ,so it is suitable for transporting large capacity and can endure the transported materials with high temperature by 250 centi degree..However,it has a shortcoming is that its hinge joints are easy to be worn out.

The second one is loop chain bucket elevator.Its advantage is with simple structure and manfuacturing process.And it has strong and reliable connection with buckets.During transporting,it can convey abravise materails but chains will not be worn out so fast.Also it can convey materials with 250 centi degree .

The third one is belt type bucket elevator.Usually the belt bucket elevator is used to transport small and ligth bulk materials while is not suitable for transporting abravise materials.Also the conveyed materials’ tempearte can not beyond 60 centi degree.Besides,no matter what kind of Bucket elevator,they can transport materials from lower part to the higher part,then materials will be fed into hopper by vibrating plaform and transported upwards by other automatic machine.

Depend on the variety oftypes and strong adaptability,bucket elevators can be widely used to transporting materials in food ,pharmacy,chemical,screw bolts and screw cap,etc. And bucket elevators will work with packing machine ,so it can adjust the stop or start,speed and improving height through singnal of packing machine.