Snake chain bucket conveyor is a mechanical device used in the beverage industry

- Jun 29, 2018-

With the advancement of technology, the snake-shaped bucket and bucket conveyor has developed rapidly. On the one hand, it shows that the function of the snake-shaped chain bucket conveyor is diversified and the application range is expanded; on the other hand, the snake-shaped chain bucket conveyor itself The large-scale development of technology and equipment has been the main direction for the development of large-scale conveyors, especially long-distance, large-capacity and high-speed belts.


The serpentine bucket conveyor is a mechanical device used in the beverage industry. It uses a motor speed reducer as a power transmission, and runs through multiple rows of serpentine chain plates, making the chain bucket conveyor very wide and forming a certain differential speed. The use of the speed difference of the multi-row chain plates allows the multi-row conveying to be changed into a single-row conveying in the absence of extrusion, so as to satisfy the single-row conveying requirements of beverage labeling, washing, filling and other equipment.


In the production of various beverages, the snake-shaped bucket conveyor can also be used for beverage processing, such as water treatment equipment, bottle rinser, filler and sealer, and sterilization equipment. It can be seen that the chain bucket conveyor is produced along with the beverage production line and follows the development of the beverage industry.


Although China's snake-shaped bucket bucket conveyor industry started relatively late, but it has developed rapidly, and it has entered the development period of adjusting commodity structure, improving the ability to develop innovation and integrating with the world. And the device itself uses a lot of advanced technology, making the beverage delivery process become more smooth.


In addition to the serpentine bucket conveyor, there are many types that are suitable for different purposes, but they are simple in structure and easy to maintain. With low energy consumption and low cost of use, such devices as chain bucket conveyors are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, home appliance manufacturing and light industrial production lines.


Through the extensive use of advanced technology, continuous transformation, elimination of traditional and backward technology and equipment, and strict control of the quality and performance of the snake-shaped chain bucket conveyor, it is believed that its application can be further expanded.