Snake chain conveyor with variable conveying direction and greater conveying capacity

- Jun 28, 2018-

Conveyor equipment used in factory production will have a serpentine chain conveyor in it, and will play a huge role in the production process. One of the reasons is that it can flexibly change the conveying direction. This is unique and advanced. The structure is inseparable.


The serpentine chain conveyor consists of 8 rollers per unit, each unit can be operated independently, or multiple units can be combined together. The ratio between the longest and shortest conditions of a unit can reach up to 3 times, so This structure can make it flexible and change the direction of operation.


In this chain conveyor equipment, due to its flexibility, it can be sensitive to changes in the direction of transport, the maximum direction can reach 180 degrees, so it is often used in a variety of heavy metal industries, it uses a metal mesh belt as a transport The carrier can carry out various technical work in the transport process, plus it can be transported by a single station, or it can be composed of multiple units or be combined with other transport equipment to form a horizontal transport system, which satisfies the working requirements of different installation methods.


The components of the serpentine chain conveyor equipment include conveyor belts, slats, hopper hoarding, pipe diameters, and device sizes. These component dimensions all have a direct effect on the conveying capacity of the conveyor equipment, so as long as the above parameters are set properly The serpentine chain conveyor can meet different transportation requirements.


In addition to its flexibility and flexibility, the serpentine chain conveyor also has a large capacity for transporting large loads, such as those used in electric vehicles, motorcycles, and generators. It also provides accurate and stable transmission speeds. Accurate synchronous delivery.


Because the conveying surface of the serpentine chain plate conveyor is smooth and smooth, the friction is small, and the material transitions smoothly between the conveying lines. It can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, and also can transport various types of bags. In addition, in terms of cleaning and maintenance, it can be washed directly with water to meet the sanitary requirements of the beverage and food industries.