Some words from a true conveying machinery company

- Oct 03, 2019-

As time goes on, more and more companies get involved in business of conveyors.Some of them are engineering companies while some of them are trading companies. For the engineering company ,they have engineers to make drawings ,but they do not have any fabrication workshop . All drawings of conveyors will be out-sourced to fabrication workshops. For the trading company,they do not have any technical person nor fabricated workers. However,for us ,Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company is customized in designing and manufacturing conveying equipment for customers in the world ,including some famous engineering companies. For example , FLUOR company in USA. Also we provide conveying equipment to clients directly . For example,INVISTA fiber company in Shanghai ,Saint-Gobain Company in India,etc.请问

We are a real factory to produce screw conveyor,bucket elevator, drag chain conveyor and vibrating conveyors .With engineering ability and manufacturing ability ,every year we will export screw conveyor ,rotary valve and drag chain conveyor to oversea’s market. Further information can be visited website : Moreover,we can import and export conveyors directly . That is ,clients can get the factory price fast and correctly.

We also provide oversea’s service by phone and by e-mail.If necessary,engineers will reach site to solve problems.The following photo was taken in Vietnam site ( left one ). the right photo was for engineer in Russia to guide installation service in winter .儿童UI回顾尽快

We promise you that we will handle your inquiry at first time . If any problesm after selling, we will give our prompt reply .