Species and application occassions on screw conveyors

- May 25, 2019-

Driven by completed trough and rotating shaft,screw conveyors are pushed coal powder into discharging outlet.There are main three screw blade types :

1.olid screw blade

2.Ribbon screw blade

3. Shaftless screw blade

Among of these blades,the shaftless screw blade is used to transport product with much wet and sticky.The shaftless screw blade conveyor will agitate ,mix and transport sticky product during transporting .

As divided from the moving direction of conveyed product,screw conveyor is divided into horizontal and vertical type.Both horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw conveyor are used for conveying various powder,particles and small bulk and other loosen materials,and they are not suitable for conveying sticky,deteriorating,caking,bridging or high temperature ,pressure and corrosion products.

Vertical screw conveyor is used for conveying product in short distance. For example,the regular vertical conveying distance is 10m. At present, the maximum vertical screw conveyor is : screw diameter is 315mm,transporting height is 17-18m.

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