Specifications on daily maintenance on vibrating conveyor

- Jun 22, 2019-

Vibrating conveyor can transport blocky and granular materials from storage into the downstream’s equipment at a fixed continuous speed. During the sand’s production line, vibrating conveyor can feed sands evenly and separate sands as per shape. Due to the vibrating conveyor is simple structure and easy to operate,do not need lubricate and low electricity consumption.So vibrating conveyor is widely applied in life.

 During daily application,workers must check the amplitude and wire current of vibrating conveyor. Must pay attention to the noise of vibrating conveyor .If find the noise is very loudly or any hit sounds,must stop running and check it.

Must check the air clearance between the iron block and armature. There shall be balanced. Must check the screw & bolt,check the clearance is normal or not.If the screw & bolt of spring is loosen or broken,must tighten them .

Often check any loosen on lifting tools. If the lifting tools are loosen,it will cause unbalanced of electrical vibrating conveyor,then affect the feeding speed,must tighten them well. The sealing cover of vibrating conveyor must be closed so as to prevent any dust from outside.Clean the dust inside the sealing cover .www.wxconveyor.com