Spiral conveyor in the use of continuous optimization and improvement

- Jan 24, 2018-

Spiral shaft conveyors, which can be used as conveying equipment for powder material or soot in non-ferrous metallurgical plants.


The screw shaft conveyor bearing in the overall lubrication materials, has the characteristics of long life, in which the work of the roller bearing friction is rolling friction, the size of the friction is mainly determined by its manufacturing accuracy; and the occurrence of sliding bearing work The friction is sliding friction, the size of the friction depends mainly on the bearing sliding surface material.


In use, in order to effectively prevent the screw conveyor running a period of time after the occurrence of the phenomenon of serious suspension blocking the middle suspension phenomenon, not only to regular bearing and shaft sliding mating surface for timely cleaning, but also for the intermediate bearing set Pushing leaves, to prevent the material stay, accumulation. Long-term use of such a screw conveyor is not plot, not blocked, working properly.


According to the above situation, the corresponding treatment can make the screw conveyer more rapid in conveying materials without being hindered by other faults, which brings greater economic benefits to the manufacturing enterprise. Moreover, the screw conveyer itself can prolong the service life.http://www.wxconveyor.com/