Stainless steel 316L inclined screw conveyor for transporting coffee powder

- May 08, 2019-

Most of time, stainless steel 304 can be used to made of dinnerware. Such as bowl,thermos cup,chopsticks,etc.Sometimes stainless steel 304 also can be used to made of conveying equipment. Such as screw conveyor,rotary valve to transport food products.

Strictly speacking, stainless steel 316L is the ideal materials to be used on fabricating food equipment. Because SS316l has better performance than SUS304.

An example of inquiry form for a view :

Technical data is below:

Required : 1 unit inclined screw conveyor

Capacity : 1 ton/hour

Product : coffee powder

Screw diameter : 200mm

Screw length : 3.0 meters

Inlet hopper height : 650mm

Discharge hopper height : 110mm

Material : SS316

shaped trough with sight glass on top

Motor size : 1.5kw

Max.motor rpm :60rpm

Motor voltage : 220 volts,1 phase

Our engineer made a sketch as per above inquiry information .


See the sketch of screw conveyor for coffee powder as an example.


We can design drawings as per inquiry’s needs. That is ,we provide customized service on screw conveyors.Each data and size are made as per