Pyrolysis Feeding Screw Feeders

- Mar 20, 2019-

Such feeding screw feeders are used to transport sticky fine sand with salt waste products indoors. The environment is very humidity and corrosive,so the stainelss steel must be duplex type.

Changrong choose duplex 2205 to make such screw conveyors.

Screw conveyors design running environment and engineering condition

1. Weather condition

Ø Annual average temperature:17.40C

Ø High temperature : 40.30C

Ø Low temperature : -100C

2. Running environment

Ø Environment temperature : 6~650C

Ø Relative humidity :78%

Ø Working ways : continuous,300Bd/a

Ø Indoor : Under the hopper and upper the big incline belt conveyor

Technical Specification

Equipment usage :applied in pyrolysis hooper feeding materials into big incline belt conveyor

Equipment type : shafted screw conveyor

Model and size : Conveying capacity : Q>20 tons/hour,horizontal.

Transported materials feature : Sticky fine sand waste salt,ATM

Feeding inlet size : 500*3000mm and connection to the hopper

Discharging outlet size : 400*400mm and connection to the inlet of big incline belt conveyor

Can switch control between onsite

Construction material : duplex stainess steel 2205

Feeding screw conveyors signal can be reached into DCS system by hard connection wire

Supply Scope

1. One complete set of screw conveyor

2. Motor &Gearbox,motor is explosive proof type

3. Mounting base and anchor bolt and adjusting mats

4. Site control cabinet,stainless teel 304,thickness 1.5mm

Working environment : indoor,dust,high temperature,environment temperature ranges from -10 to 400C.

Meteorological and geological conditions : 1.Atmospheric pressure in Summer : 10000.9hPa, 10002.1hPa in Winter.

Earthquake intensity : 6 grade

Technical Data

Screw diameter


Gearbox & Motor Data

Screw pitch


Model : R107-47.63-31RPM


Sticky fine sand with salt waste

Power : 11KW,motor is EXTDA21,B5

Feeding Rate


Power Supply : 380V,3PH,50HZ

Screw Cover thickness


Screw center shaft


Screw chamer


Conveying distance


Surface treatment

Acid clean or sand blasting

A simple sketch is for a view :图片1