Structural components of chain scraper conveyor

- Oct 19, 2020-

Chain scraper conveyor is composed of machine head, machine body and machine tail and other auxiliary equipment.

Machine head refers to : the conveyor’s driving device, which includes the head frame,motor,hydraulic coupling,gear reducer,main shaft and chain sprockets. The function is that motor is through of coupling, gear reducer, main shaft and guide chain sprocket,bring scrapers to move inside the chute and trough,then discharge conveyed coal or other materials out .

Machine body refers to : the body is mainly used to transport coal. The machine body is composed of trough ,scraper and chains ,etc.The trough the main component of chain scraper conveyor,which is the support and guide part of chains and scrapers. Trough is made of metal sheet which are welded and pressed ,then shaped into a trough. Trough can be divied into middle trough,adjustable trough and connection trough. Chain scraper is consisted of link chains and scrapers .

Machine tail section : consisted of machine tail frame, shaft and tension device,guide chain sprocket or tail rollers .These parts are used to adjust tension between the scraper and chains.

Auxiliary equipment : main included tension device, hydraulic jacks and anti-slip device.