Structure on vibrating conveyor

- Sep 27, 2018-

During the working period of vibrating conveyor,driven by motor,materials move forward so as to reach the transporation aim.Its structure is divided into open type and closed type.Conveying chute can be divided into u trough or tubular.Motor position can be on the top,down or side .

In order to get working smoothly,it requires simple but reasonable design on vibrating conveyor .In this way,it is convenient to maintain and operate .In working process,vibrating conveyor has low consumption ,small noise and no dust spill over.Vibrating conveyor is widely used to transport powder,granule and small bulk materials in metallury,coal,building,chemical ,food and other industries.

Vibrating conveyor’s frequency is made basis on the speed of vibrating motors.As one of the most important componets,vibrating motor is the power source of vibrating conveyor .Vibrating motor can produce cyclical change as well as produce force,which can make transporting chute and balance underframe to produce continuous force. Such continuous force can be divided into mechanical,hydraulic ,pneumatic type,electromagnetic ,etc. The amplitude is subject to the force of vibrating.