Structures on screw conveyors

- Sep 06, 2020-

Features on screw conveyors

(1) Screw conveyor’s blades are divided to three types, that is : solid ,ribbon and shaftless screw type.The solid blade is called S shape, whose screw pitch LS is 0.8 times of screw diameter.LS type screw conveyor aims to transport fine powder and granules. Ribbon screw blade is called D shape, whose screw pitch is as same as the screw diameter,suitable for transporting powder and small bulk pieces. Shaftless screw is applied few which is mainly used to transport the big sticky and compressed materials.During the transporting process, it can complete the agitate and mix request .Its screw pitch is the 1.2 times of screw diameter.

(2) Screw blades’ direction are divided into right direction and left direction.