Summary of safe operation on drag chain conveyor or chain plate conveyor

- Jul 30, 2018-

During actual transportation,no matter how the transporting direction is,horizontal or incline,you can choose drag chain conveyors.If transporting inclinely goods upward,it requires the coal layer’s angle must be less than 25 degree.If transporting downward,the incline angle must be less than 20 degree.If coal layer’s incline angle is very large,there shall set up non-skid device.

Pay attention to make test inspection before start up.Usually make the scraper and chain run semi-cycle then stopping the equipment.Check the scraper chain on the chute.Meanwhile,check the drag chain tension whether there exist any jumping chain,drifting chain and drop chain .Each operation components are with stocking or bridging.Must ensure there is no problem on test without materials before run with materials.

During drag chain conveyor’s operation,the workers much pay attention to the working states of equipment.Moreover,check the motor,gearbox,bearing’s temperature,sound and other abnormal issues.If any abnormal issues ,must stop the equipment immdiately,then make a further inspection so as to clean the trouble.