Summary of the main points of the evaporator design

- Aug 07, 2019-

Second, the summary of the evaporator design program

1. The boiling point of the material rises. The evaporated material is a solution in which a non-volatile solute is dissolved. At the same temperature, the vapor pressure is lower than that of the pure solvent, so at the same pressure, the boiling point of the solution is higher than the boiling point of the solvent. Pay attention to the problem of the boiling point of the material in the evaporator design.

2. Energy recovery and utilization. The solvent vaporized during evaporation is large, and it needs to consume a large amount of heating steam. How to make full use of heat, so that the heating vapor per unit mass can remove more water and improve the economic degree of heating steam (for example, multi-effect evaporation or MVR evaporation process) This is one of the points to consider when designing an evaporator.

3. The characteristics of the material determine the choice of evaporator design process. Evaporated solvents generally have certain characteristics. For example, materials may be fouled or precipitated when concentrated; some heat sensitive materials are easily decomposed and deteriorated at high temperatures; some have large viscosity or strong corrosivity. According to the characteristics of the material, combined with the evaporator process requirements, selecting the appropriate treatment process and evaporator equipment is also one of the issues to be considered when designing the evaporator.

4. The evaporator body is generally divided into a heating chamber and a separation chamber. In the evaporator design, it is necessary to understand their structural dimensions: the diameter and height of the heating chamber and the separation chamber; the specification and length of the heating tube, and the size of the connecting tube; The size of the thermal area.

5. When designing the evaporator, it is necessary to preliminarily estimate the evaporation amount of each effect and the concentration of each effect completion liquid according to the production experience;

6. When designing the evaporator, it is necessary to determine the calculation and selection of the auxiliary equipment according to the situation.

As an evaporation device, the evaporator is widely used. Understanding the key points of the evaporator design can help the evaporator user to choose a clearer choice when selecting the evaporator.