Support frame and chain plate of serpentine chain plate conveyor

- Apr 12, 2018-

For the entire serpentine chain conveyor, its main role is to provide a running track for the roller chain of the conveyor and to provide a stable support member for the fixed link to maintain stability. So, what are the types of support frames commonly used in serpentine chain conveyors?


There are three main designs for the support structure of the serpentine chain plate conveyor. One is the use of rails as the load bearing and return rails; the other is the combination of the A-type and the B-type, the load-carrying track is the steel rail, the return rail is the negative steel; This type of rail has a load bearing and a return chain. The rail is of negative steel and is generally fitted with a wear-resistant steel rod.


Regardless of the type of serpentine chain conveyor support structure, it is composed of a steel frame with rails and a tie rod and angle beam. When selecting, fully consider the actual transportation requirements, for example, for long distances. The serpentine chain conveyor is supported by a truss.


In addition to paying attention to the supporting structure of the serpentine chain conveyor, its chain plates must be carefully selected. When selecting the thickness of the chain plates, not only must each chain plate be able to withstand the total weight of the corresponding materials, but also To combine the abrasive properties of the material being transported; corrosive and chemical resistant; expected service life; economic costs and other factors.


In addition, regarding the raw material of the serpentine chain conveyor chain, 304 stainless steel is usually used, but it depends on the situation. If it is used in the marine and chemical industry environment, then the material of the serpentine chain conveyor chain plate should be replaced with 316 stainless steel because of its stronger corrosion resistance.