Support frame’s position and control measures on buried scraper conveyors.

- May 03, 2018-

Must consider the inspection gallery or platform in the process of operating the buried scraper conveyors.To some degree,there can set up some lifting eyes or other hoisting device. Usually the user can choose suitable the support frame on buried scraper conveyor as per needs .Among the space of support frames,buried scraper conveyor and fixed way on support frame and force condition ,you can get a better understanding from the reliable supplier .

Use the preburied steel plate or foundation bolts to fix the position on support frames on buried scraper conveyors.In this way ,it is very convenient to install .Except the driving device and grounding ,other place must have preburied steel plate.Never allowed to use the expansion bolet to fix positions.

After installation on buried scraper conveyor,weld stably between head support legs and foundations.Try not to use the bolt to fix.The head and drive device also need fix on the enough strong support frame so as to avoid any large vibration and displacement.

When buried scraper conveyor locates under the ground,there shall set up some waterproof,drainage,dust proof and lighting and other device.Meanwhile,there also left some suitable positions which are used to maintain and clean. Buried scraper conveyor shall be started from the control room.There must equip the indicator with light on control cabinet .

In order to transport materials stably and effectively ,we can put some gate valve or feeders on the storage hopper or discharge silo around buried scraper conveyor .In this way ,it is good for the materials with good flow ability or big bulk density .Otherwise,the scraper will under large pressure from the materials and cause the overloading problems.For the small hopper,there can set up a screw gate valve.For the big hopper,there can set up some pneumatic gate valves or rack gate valves .