Surface treatment in conveying equipment in Changrong workshop

- Apr 12, 2019-

For carbon steel equipment, the regular surface treatment is sand blasting and painting.First,use sand blasting on steel parts. Then make painting. There exist 3 painting layers : first layer is primer,second layer is middle painting,the final layer is topcoat.

The painting color is as per request .Changrong’s standard painting is RAL9006,silver color.

 For stainless steel ,the regular surface treatment is :

(1) Acid clean

(2) Polish

(3) Sand blasting.

Acid clean is used for common requirements on stainless steel conveying equipment.For example,if transported medium is waste dust powder,just make acid clean.It is the most economical .

Polish is used for conveying equipment that is conveyed food powder or chemical powder. Polish class ranges from 100 mesh into 400 mesh.It is most enpensive .

Sand blasting is requested by customers who require matte surface.Its price is middle by comparing with acid clean and polish.

Photos are for a view :


Equipment with   relative method

Acid clean


Polish--polish   by 400 meshes


Sand blasting