Talk the necessity for air sealing on vertical bucket elevators

- Jan 18, 2019-


workers are assemble the bucket elevators tail part

Vertical bucket elevators are used widely in various industrial fields.During actual operation,the clearance between sealing gasket with main shaft on tail driving device can not keep fixed condition,the sealing gasket will be damaged seriously in a short time.Worse still,dust coming into sealing gasket will increase the friction of main shaft and bearings and damage them seriously.It is very common that bearing and main shaft are locked,especially it can not be found easlily by sight if sealing is damaged and materials are leakage. Maintenance staff need check the operation on bearings and sealing regularly.If find any damage components,staff need replace these components immdiately.


Heat part + Tail Part

Therefore,we find a suitable solution to solve the above problem .That is,use air sealing and dust leakage detecting device for the tail driving bearings of vertical bucket elevator.Design the sealing bearings with some air pressure inside there. In this way,it can solve the technology shortcomings on driving bearings sealing and dust detection leakage,it is very easy to be monitored ,and provided the stable basis for automatical operation .


Vertical bucket elevator are put horizontally during test without any buckets