Technical type of crusher

- Oct 19, 2017-

1, according to the effect of crushing force can be roughly divided into two categories of crusher:

(1) Crusher (2) Grinding machine

Crusher generally handle larger pieces of material, product granularity is thicker, usually greater than 8 mm. The structure is characterized by a certain gap between the pieces, not touching each other. Crusher can be divided into coarse crushing machine, crushing machine and crushing machine. Generally speaking, the grinding machine treatment of fine materials, product granularity is fine grain, up to 0. 074 millimeters, even finer. Its structural characteristics are broken parts (or medium) contact each other, the use of medium is steel ball, steel bar, gravel or ore block. But some machinery is simultaneously has the crushing ore and the grinding effect, such as the autogenous grinder. ∮5. 5x1. 8 meters of Grinding machine processing ore grain size limit up to 350~400 mm

2, according to the broken mode, mechanical structural characteristics (action principle) to be divided, generally divided into six categories

(1) Jaw crusher (Tiger mouth). The crushing effect is that the movable jaw plate is periodically pressed to the fixed jaw plate, and the ore block which is sandwiched in it is crushed

(2) Cone crusher. The ore block is between the inner and outer cone, the outer cone is fixed, the inner cone is eccentric swinging, and the ore block in which it is clamped is crushed or broken.

(3) Roller crusher. The ore block in two opposite rotating round roller crevice, mainly by the continuous crushing effect, but also has the attrition function, the tooth shape roll surface also has the chopping function

(4) Impact Crusher. The ore block is crushed by the impact of the rapidly rotating moving parts. Belonging to this category can be divided into: Hammer crusher; cage crusher; Impact Crusher

(5) Grinding machine. The ore is crushed by the impact and lapping of the grinding medium (steel ball, steel rod, gravel or ore block) in the rotating cylinder.