The advantages and design requirements of spiral continuous pre-cooker production line

- Mar 17, 2018-

The spiral continuous pre-boiler production line mainly uses the principle of spiral conveying to achieve a certain degree of continuous pre-cooking of fruits and vegetables during the production process. After the raw materials of fruits and vegetables are continuously sent to the feed port of the pre-boiler, they are pushed by the screw in the pre-boiler to the discharge port.

Fruits and vegetables are immersed in hot water or boiling water in a spiral continuous pre-cooking machine production line. This can effectively avoid contact with air to produce browning, to a certain extent, it can effectively obtain uniform and consistent Precooking effect,

The advantages of spiral continuous pre-boiler production line

1. Spiral and rotating screen fixed feed, with safety insulation layer.

2. Water bath continuous cooking, material scraped by a special turning scraper.

3. Stepless speed regulation, temperature control.

The design requirements of the spiral continuous preboiler production line and the precooking technology will effectively select the various actuators and transmission mechanisms. Based on this, it can be preliminarily determined that the equipment consists of a power transmission device, a preboiler, and a screw conveyor. The device, the discharge device and the connection support device are composed of several parts. The speed control motor was selected for the power plant, which reduced the transmission and improved the efficiency of the equipment.

The pre-cooking device of the spiral continuous pre-cooking machine line is the steam pipe transferring heat to the water inside the cylinder to complete the pre-cooking process; the spiral conveyor device is to determine the relevant diameter and length of the spiral under the premise of pre-cooking, and the spiral The shaft is structurally designed to ensure its ease of manufacture and installation.

The discharge device of the spiral continuous pre-boiler production line ensures that the pre-cooked material is smoothly drained from the hot water and conveyed out. On the connection support device, a screw shaft hole is used to connect with the spline, and the spline can relieve the screw shaft. Due to the thermal axial elongation, the design focus is on screw conveyors and connecting supports.