The advantages of the buried scraper conveyor and its design selection

- Mar 20, 2018-

The buried scraper conveyor can be directly installed in the indoor or outdoor during the operation process. The driving device of the device needs to take rainproof measures, so that the motor can be prevented from dampness to a certain extent, and each interface method of the buried scraper conveyor is realized. The blue area should be closely sealed to prevent rainwater from seeping into the machine slot.

During the process of selecting and designing the buried scraper conveyor, a hydraulic coupler should be installed on the drive device with a power exceeding 15 kW. This can effectively meet the requirements for heavy-duty start-up and protect the motor and electrical parts to some extent. Overcurrent protection devices should be installed to prevent overload or failure of the equipment. In the selection and design, breakage protection devices and material level switches should also be considered to prevent equipment damage caused by chain disconnection and blocking of the traction chain.

The advantages of buried scraper conveyor

1. The application of buried scraper conveyor is wide, it can transport a variety of materials, such as powder (cement, flour), granular (cereal, sand), small (coal, gravel) and toxic, strong corrosion , high temperature (300-400). Flaming, flammable, explosive and other materials.

2. The process layout of the buried scraper conveyor is flexible and can be arranged horizontally, vertically and obliquely.

3. The buried scraper conveyor realizes sealed transportation, and is especially suitable for transporting dust-laden, toxic and explosive materials, improving working conditions and preventing environmental pollution.

4. The buried scraper conveyor can convey material in opposite directions along two branches.

5. Easy installation and low maintenance costs.