The advantages of using the shaftless screw conveyor as the sludge conveyor

- Dec 12, 2017-

Sludge conveyer is a conveying equipment which is specially responsible for conveying sludge, such as strong adhesive and paste viscous material, usually used more in screw conveyor. But there are many kinds of screw conveyors, including the tubular screw conveyor, U-type screw conveyor, shaftless screw conveyor and so on. Their role is also different, what kind of model should the sludge conveyor adopt?

In contrast to the characteristics of these screw conveyors, it is suggested that we should choose the shaftless screw conveyor as the sludge conveyor. Because it not only uses the unique design without the central axis, the conveying capacity is larger, and the intermediate uses the scaleboard, increases the anti-entangling, is very suitable for conveying adhesive strong and paste viscous material.

When the shaftless screw conveyor is used as the sludge conveyor, the material can be transported horizontally and in small angle, and the operation is convenient. In addition, it can be in the middle of a multi-point loading, no mobile device. Remove the bearing without moving the screw or removing the cover plate can lubricate the bearing. The finishing machinery has high reliability, long life, strong adaptability, easy installation and maintenance.

In such a sludge conveyor, the spirochete is a thicker ribbon spiral, a shaftless swivel arm, and the head is associated with the drive shaft. The structure is divided into single-vane and double-vane. The materials are divided into the carbon steel and stainless steel. Its slip lining can choose high strength engineering plastics, stainless steel or other high wear-resistant materials, and give the sludge conveyor excellent wear resistance.

In addition, the sludge conveyor can be designed according to different materials. Under the condition of positive and negative pressure, in addition to the sludge in the sewage, it can be used to transport the dregs and other materials with high water content under the premise of ensuring the efficiency and equipment integrity.