The basic requirements of the conveyors of the buried scraper for conveying materials

- May 11, 2018-

The buried scraper conveyer is different from the conventional conveying equipment. It is an advanced conveying equipment consisting of a closed section, scraper chain, driving device and tensioning device. Due to the particularity of the structure, the conveyer of the buried scraper has also made certain requirements for the materials it has conveyed.

Generally, the loose density of materials conveyed in the conveyor of the embedded scraper is generally controlled at 0.2~2.5t/ m3; And about the temperature of the material, ordinary applicable material temperature is less than 120 ℃; Thermal material conveying material temperature of 100 ~ 450 ℃, the instantaneous material temperature can reach 180 ℃.

In addition, the moisture content of the material will also affect the conveyance effect of the scraper conveyor, and the material with high water content is not conducive to the conveyance. The moisture content is related to the particle size and viscosity of the material, and generally it can be loose after the hand is kneaded.

So although buried scraper conveyor applicable range is very wide, there are a lot of material can be used the conveyor conveyor, but there is still a part of the special properties of the material is not suitable for adoption of buried scraper conveyor, such materials include:

Large suspended materials; Block large materials; A very abrasive material; Material with excessive compressibility; Materials that are very viscous; Materials that are particularly liquid; Materials that are fragile and cannot be broken during delivery; Especially hard materials and so on.

In addition, some corrosive materials, if not effective anti-corrosion measures, it is not suitable to use the embedded scraper conveyor. Is on the application of the buried scraper conveyer corresponding set such strict rules, also in order to better promote the equipment efficacy, but also in order to be able to make the equipment more durable.