The function of dewatering bucket elevator and its maintenance

- May 10, 2018-

Dehydrated bucket elevator compared with general bucket elevator still have difference, because it can be in the material, in the process of ascension within the hopper to dehydration, so the dehydrated bucket elevator movement of material also can also can have the effect of drying, this also is it can serve as one of the commonly used mechanical equipment in the coal preparation plant.

Due to dehydration bucket elevator not only has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, at the same time also same time dehydration and transport dual function, and so can be used as final dewatering equipment, also can be used as a preliminary dewatering equipment. It is suitable for the promotion of washing coal, coal gangue, and cooling after calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer, and also can be used to other block transmission after washing or granular materials, materials in the process of transfering, but under the gravity dehydration on its own.

In order to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the dewatering bucket type lifting function, it is necessary to stop the feeding material before the equipment is stopped, and then carry out the subsequent work after unloading the material. At the same time, the dewatering bucket elevator is strictly forbidden to be fully loaded, so as to avoid harmful effects on the machine.

For the dewatering bucket elevator, the safety pin is the safety device which can be automatically cut off when overload, so it is absolutely forbidden to increase the safety pin. If the test is conducted, the safety pin is cut off frequently during normal start-up and operation, and may be increased as appropriate.

During the operation of the machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the chain plate, the chain plate hole and the chain shaft. In the maintenance of hoist, one method is to replace the whole bucket chain at one time. One method is to replace the total length by 1/3 1/4. In order to avoid the two chains, the two chains must be replaced at the same time.

The above is about the basic function and characteristics of dehydrated bucket elevator and its use, must pay attention to in the course of this is the guarantee the safe and stable operation of equipment, material is smooth to the specified location and effective basic measures to dehydration.