The Important Role of chain bucket elevator in Mine Construction

- Jan 17, 2018-

As a kind of hoisting machine, bucket elevator plays a very big role in mine construction work. Such workplaces often have heavy workload and poor working environment, so many materials need to be upgraded and transported In order to complete the processing operations, so to meet the requirements of the bucket elevator.


Bucket elevator design in the use of advanced technology processing, so in all aspects of the probability of failure is very small; because it is used in chain drive mode, it will not be empty load Reversal, which is also equipped with a backstop inside its great relationship.


Ordinary hoist does not exist in such a device, it will lead to elevators due to the role of gravity, the hopper full of material from the uniform upward taste faster downward movement, the bottom of the hopper and the impact of non-lifting material, It is very likely that the hopper will be damaged and adversely affect the safety of the equipment.


Do not underestimate the chain bucket elevator in this one backstop, which consists of a check bar, shaft, return spring, dowel pin and other components, when the chain bucket elevator normal operation, the backstop was quilt The tube strikes upwards and swings downward under the force of the return spring, which is then swung up by the next sleeve. This cycle does not affect the normal operation of the device.


If the chain bucket elevator reverse operation, the positioning pin will block the stop lever so that it will not swing down, and the check lever in turn blocking the sleeve so that the entire plate chain can not reverse operation. Moreover, the initial speed of the chain bucket elevator in reverse running is very slow for a few seconds, so the impact force of the check bar blocking the sleeve is not big, so that the elevator will be prevented from reversing and the hopper is protected.