The installation and debugging of the buried scraper conveyor and the stability of feed.

- Apr 17, 2018-

Buried scraper conveyor in a certain extent, should consider to set up the access channel or a platform, and has a hole for hoist and lifting facilities in the building, the framework of the buried scraper conveyor, generally is by the selection unit to configure, the stents spacing, buried scraping machine and the fixed way and force of the bracket to the selected embedded scraping machine factory.

Buried scraper conveyor parts mounting bracket, should be embedded in the building steel plate or bolt, so that it can be fixed installation, will be in the head and drive bracket and foundation of the joint, must adopt basement, never allow fixed by bolts.

Buried scraper conveyor after installation and debugging, the head of the stents should be welded, and building foundation in the process of to use as far as possible need not fixed screw head driving devices also should be firmly installed on has enough stiffness and strength of support, to ensure the operation does not produce larger vibration and displacement.

When the scraper conveyors are placed in the pit, the waterproof, drainage, dustproof and lighting facilities should be effectively set up in the process of operation. Proper position should be left to clean up the environment and repair the equipment. The embedded scraper conveyor should be started in the control room and should be equipped with a simulation disk with light indicating operation.

In order to be able to effectively control the feeding of buried scraper conveyor and achieve the purpose of stable feeding, operated in general should be set at the bottom of the hopper or bin gate or feeder, the liquidity is better or denser materials is particularly important, the material will have a lot of pressure on scraper, otherwise, and make the section and the tail is full of material feeding, conveyor overload. Under the large storage hopper or silo, the screw gate can be set, and the rack gate or pneumatic gate can be set in the larger hopper or silo.