The installation site and mixing function of the blender

- Nov 01, 2017-

The blender can mix the materials even more uniformly and loosely with less dead ends. The feeding of the blender is very convenient and easy to clean. The production efficiency of the whole equipment is high, and the equipment is not easy to wear.

The blender is required to connect the power supply properly, open the lid, check whether there is any foreign material in the machine room, and whether the equipment is normal or not, and whether the rotation direction of mixing blade of the equipment is correct. Only after meeting the requirements, the equipment can be put into production.


The drying function of the blender is very convenient, set the change-over  switch on the instrument panel to the drying gear, and set the required temperature on the temperature control instrument. When the setting temperature is reached, the machine will stop running. The time instrument will be set for 5 - 30 minutes to start the cycle, so as to keep the raw material completely dry.

The color mixture and mixing functions of the blender, when used, the conversion switch of the electrical instrument will be set to the color mixture block, and the protection temperature of the raw material is set on the temperature table. When the raw material reaches the protection temperature in the color mixing time, the machine stops running and needs to be restarted.

The blender needs to be placed in the position of ventilation, so that the work calories of the motor can be sent out of heat and the service life of the motor can be prolonged. Periodically check whether the belt is slack, and move the motor outward until the belt is tight.