The main advantages of vibrating screen and daily maintenance

- Aug 02, 2018-

Screen boxes, shakers and suspensions are an important part of the vibrating screen. During use, different amplitudes can be obtained by changing the eccentric weight of the exciter. Because of the strong vibration of the screen box, the phenomenon that the material blocks the screen hole is reduced, and the vibrating screen has high screening efficiency and productivity.


At the same time, the overall structure design of the vibrating screen is relatively simple, and the user is relatively easy to operate when changing the screen surface. And in the process of sieving materials, less energy is consumed. In order to keep it stable for a long time, it requires daily maintenance. Before starting the equipment, check whether the coarse mesh and the fine mesh are damaged, and whether each set of the collar is locked. Check whether the V-ring of the sieve frame of the vibrating screen is damaged. If there is damage, repair it in time to prevent material leakage. .


After the vibrating screen is started, you should pay attention to whether there is obvious noise during the operation, and observe whether the current is stable and the vibration is abnormal. And after the vibrating screen is used, it should be cleaned up in time.