The operational principle of the arch breaker and the parameter requirements of the vibrator motor

- Nov 03, 2017-

The arch breaker will adjust the frequency of the frequency converter in the work process , and change the speed of the vibration motor. The arch breaker is divided into local and remote control, and the switch control is realized by the local / remote button on the control panel of the frequency converter.

In the local control operation of the arch breaker, the remote control of the button on the frequency converter control panel is a program-controlled DCS monitoring. The main signals are from the broken control cabinet to DCS monitoring signal, arch breaker operation indication ( DI ), fault indication ( DI ), etc.

破拱机 (1).jpg

The control signal of the arch breaker from the DCS to the arch breaker control cabinet has the start command (DO), halt command (DO). The main control steps are: The initial setting value of frequency is 24HZ (can be changed by the control panel according to the actual situation). After the blockage signal is available, automatically start or by the operator after observation to the coal blocking signal, click the start button to start the arch breaker and after 5 seconds automatically stop. After 30 seconds, if there is blockage signal, then continue to automatically or click to start the arch breaker.

The arch breaker must be operated in the condition of the coal feeder action, otherwise the above coal will press down under the action of the arch force, the coal below will not go out, and may pack set at the end of the arch. The setting protection signal of arch breaker is mainly: phase protection, ground fault, overload protection and motor overheat protection.

The parameters of the arch breaker vibrator motor are: AC 380V, 50HZ, 4KW, swing 15mm, excited force 36KN. Keep and control the cabinet clean and dry when using. The vibrator motor is injected with high temperature grease regularly, and it is generally injected for 3000 hours. Periodically tighten the screw bolts of the equipment. The damage of the vibration motor is often caused by improper fastening of the construction bolt.