The sealing property and operation requirement of the screw conveyor bale press

- Nov 02, 2017-

The screw conveyor bale press is a kind of machine that uses the motor to drive the screw to rotate, and the material can realize the conveying purpose. The equipment can be horizontal, vertical and inclined conveying. The overall structure of the screw conveyor is simple and the cross-sectional area is small. 

The sealing performance of the screw conveyor bale press is good and easy to operate, so it is easy to maintain and can be easily closely transport . The screw conveyor is divided into the screw conveyor with shaft and the screw conveyor without shaft according to the transport form. And it can be divided into the U-shaped screw conveyor and tubular screw conveyor.


In general, the screw conveyor bale press with shaft is very suitable for dry powder materials and small granular materials without viscosity. The screw conveyor bale press without shaft is suitable for materials which is viscous and easy to wind, such as sludge, biomass, garbage, etc. 

The screw blade is welded on the rotation axis of the screw conveyor. The surface type of the blade will have solid surface type, belt type, blade surface type and so on according to the different conveying materials. The screw shaft of the equipment in the terminal of the material running direction has thrust bearing to follow the axial force of the screw with the material. 

When the screw shaft rotates, because of the gravity of the material and the friction generated by the groove wall, the material can only move forward along the bottom of the conveyor in the push of the blade.