The Snake Scraper chain conveyor classification and application

- Apr 23, 2018-

In the manufacturing process of the serpentine chain plater, the frame is mainly made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and the plate member of the chain plate is made of different materials.

Classification of Snake Scraper chain conveyor s

1. Serpentine chain conveyor can be divided into fixed and mobile type according to the installation of the conveyor.

2. Serpentine chain plate machine can be divided into horizontal type, horizontal-tilt type, inclined type, inclined-horizontal type, horizontal-inclined type-horizontal type according to the layout of the conveyor.

3. The Snake Scraper chain conveyor  can be divided into sleeve roller chain type, stamping chain type, casting chain type, ring chain type and detachable chain type according to the structure type of traction members.

4. According to the number of traction chains can be divided into single-chain and double-chain.

5. Serpentine chain plate machine according to the structure of the floor can be divided into slat type (with rib wave type, no wavy wave type, a deep rib type, etc.) and flat type (with ribs flat and no ribs flat Type, etc.).

6. The serpentine chain conveyor can be divided into continuous and pulsating types according to the operating characteristics of the conveyor.

7. The serpentine chain plate press can be divided into electric machinery driven type and hydraulic driven type.

Snake Scraper chain conveyor  application

Applicable to automotive, motorcycle, air conditioning, hardware tools, refrigerators, washing machines and other industries automated assembly line.