Tips on daily maintenance of drag chain conveyor

- Mar 03, 2021-

1. First check the drag chain conveyor regularly. Should stop the drag chain conveyor if any problems, check and solve the problems.2.Forbidden any big and foreign hard materials into the chute during operation and conveying ; The hemp rope, iron wire and other easy to be wrapping products should be removed in time .Otherwise, these products will drop and wrap on chains, which will damage other accessories .3. Check the pins,scrapers and other accessories. If any loosen and broken,must repair or replace in time.4.Check the chains,rollers and other sprockets . If any worn out ,must repair and recover in time ,so as to ensure the normal operation of drag chain conveyors. 5. As per the manual book of drag chain conveyor ,there must add the lubricant oil into the bearing,sprocket, gear reducer and other accessories,then reduce the wear and tear of all parts in the process of operation and prolong their service life. 6. Check the safety protection device on drag chain conveyors, ensure each part is normal operation, prevent any loosen issues. 8.Drag chain conveyor’s tightness also need check and adjust according to the actual working conditions.