Tips on prevent materials’ blocking for screw conveyors

- Feb 03, 2021-

Small tips on solving blocking problems on screw conveyors’ introduction : 1. Must operate screw conveyor as per manual book. Do not start or stop screw conveyor with loading .ensure the feeding materials are evenly; 2.Check carefully each notes and data on the manual book before start up this screw conveyor ,do as the marked speed to make commissioning on screw conveyor ; 3.If necessary, we need enlarge the inlet size or the bottom of trough, so as to solve the blocking issues . meanwhile ,we can add a short of opposite screw flights at the bottom of discharging outlets so that prevent any materials blocking at the end; 4. Must make cleaning work on screw conveyors after running a period time . In this way, we can prevent any big block size materials or foreign fiber into the screw conveyor; 5. Try to reduce the lateral dimensions of hanger bearing ,then it can solve the possibility for blocking when materials get through the hanger bearings. 6. When install the silo loader and blocking sensor ,need achieve the automatic control and alarm.