Tubular cooling screw conveyor for transporting wet sludge

- Oct 13, 2019-

Cooling screw conveyor with cooling water jacket is included : feeding unit,discharging unit,conveyor body, cooling jacket,drive unit and support unit. The feeding unit and discharging unit are at both ends of conveyor body. The drive unit make the screw conveyor body to rotate around it. Support unite is used to support conveyor body. There exist outer shell and inner shell The jacket is designed to cover the outer shell of conveyor. Cooling water will be injected into the jacket .One inlet pipe will be connected into the shaft.There are two empty pipe at both ends of screw shaft .

A regular technical data on tubular cooling screw conveyor is below :

Technical data

Cooling screw conveyor model



Screw pitch


Screw conveyor’s speed

About 21rpm

Motor power


Bulk density


Inlet temperature


Outlet temperature

Below 50C0

Inlet water’s temperature


Outlet water’s temperature


Incline degree




Construction materials

Duplex  stainless steel 2205

Before making a correct quotation , please provide :

1. Transported materials’ feature : dry powder or wet powder? Bulk density =?m3//h

2. Specifc heat of transported materials = ?[J /(kg℃)]

3. Transport capacity on conveyor

4. Inlet’s materials’ temperature

5. Outlet’s materials’ temperature

6. Cooling screw conveyor is made of carbon steel or stainless steel

7. Motor is frequency or not ? explosive proof or not ?

8. What is voltage at your location ?in China,it is 380V,50HZ,3PH

Advantage on cooling screw conveyor:

(1) It can transported materials inside a complete closed trough,no dust leakage

(2) Low repair cost and easy to operate and maintain.https://www.wxconveyor.com/